MR2 A/C Installation Manual

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MR2 A/C Installation Manual

Postby entrax » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:37 pm

This is for cars that do not have A/C and you want to install A/C in the car as they did back when the car was new. For US cars, this is done at the factory, but for Canadian cars, it was a dealer-installed accessory kit. The wiring diagram for the A/C system is also at the end of the PDF.

This is for the SW20:
    -The only difference between the factory piece and the dealer-install kit is that the 2 long pipes under the middle of the car are one-piece for factory, and two-piece for the kit to let you install it without removing the handbrake brackets under the car. Since a US car is practically the only place to get A/C pieces nowadays out of part-outs, this part of the installation can vary as of course you'd need to move the handbrake brackets to fit the one-piece long pipes.
    -Highly recommend to get a R134a compressor from a 94+ if used.

This is for the AW11: [link is coming]

Thank you to:
Normandy for the high-res scans
Allan @JPtoyota for finding this manual after I lost it in a pile of paper.
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