Building a 4AGZE

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Building a 4AGZE

Postby entrax » Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:41 pm

I've started a 4AGZE build for Minna's AW11 this spring and the hardest part is that I don't have a 4AGZE. . I traded a pair of aw11 side skirts for a 7rib 4AGE long block with a spun bearing and another free 4AGE shortblock was acquired.

The only difference between the shortblock for a 7rib 4AGE to the AW11 4AGZE is the ceramic coated low comp pistons and a hole in the block for a knock sensor. The block itself, crankshaft, and rods are all the same. Theoretically, you can change the pistons and tap a hole for the knock sensor and it'll be exactly the same. This allows for a drop in cost as 4AGZE prices are quite high for something that still needs to be rebuilt. Before a rebuild, current 4AGZE prices from shops are about $1750 USD. So to compare, the goal is to build the motor with less than ($1750 x 1.3CAD exchange = $2275), but the challenge is to do it all with a rebuild in that budget.

What I had to start:
block + bigport head from 4age - slightly better lift cam 240* rather than the gze 232* + s/c intake manifold

So I started with a parts trip to macatak's parts dept 8)
That haul came to be:
s/c metal piping x 2
throttle body + two metal pipes above towards i/c and below to s/c
s/c mounting bracket
used, but perfect looking pistons
= $???? This is an ongoing discussion at the moment LOL...

A quick ebay find - upper i/c plastic pipe
= $33

A facebook part-out:
S/C relay
external voltage regulator
COP relay
= $170

A haul from WhiteComet's place for some leftover bits he had:
intercooler + cover (needs repaint)
valve covers
s/c gauge cluster (I'll swap out the current speedometer to keep it consistent to the car)
fuel pump
plug wires + distributor
= $135


Then I got home and bid on an alternator on ebay. I wanted the original one even if it needed to be rebuilt due to the heatshield that it comes with.

Running Total: $423
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