Dale's Alignment (Keep Confidential) (Read First)

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Dale's Alignment (Keep Confidential) (Read First)

Postby camshaft » Mon Nov 08, 2004 10:20 pm

This is a confidential service provided to full BCMR2 membership holders only (ie you have paid your membership/renewal fee). [/b]
Please remember that members without full memberships do not have access to the Group Buy section. This is a service provide to you, the Full Members, as a benefit.

This service is provide by Jason at Dale’s Alignment.

Please READ the post entirely on how to obtain this discount and service.

  1. Please contact Dales alignment at (604) 530-9160 and ask for JASON only.
  2. Do not discuss the club price or that it is a deal or anything with any other employee at Dales, as this deal is only with Jason!!!
  3. When contacting Jason please inform him you are with the BCMR2 Club and interested in the club price. Jason will then get your car info and set up a time that works best for the 2 of you.

The price you have to talk to jason for a 4-wheel alignment with a state of the art alignment machine. This price is subject to change at any time.

Please make sure your car’s suspension is in good working order.
-Tires are in good shape…
-Tire pressures are ok
-Suspension is in good working order, ball joints, struts, bushings etc

If you do not know the condition of you car then I suggest you mention that to Jason, so he can alot extra time to inspect your suspension to determine if it is with in specs for an alignment. You will have to discuss with Jason if this is a free service or he is going to charge you for it.


Jason did mention to me that it is very common that the MKI rear suspension toe adjustment collars are seized. If you are replacing all the bushings, he asked that you take the time and make sure the rear toe collars are not seized. But please understand that Jason has to charge you accordingly for such extra time he does spend.

I have talked to Jason and he said to just purchase the adjustment collars from toyota 20-25 each side. And he just cuts the old one off and reuses the old ends and clamps.

Jason @ Dale's Alignment & Brake Service Limited
19415 56 Avenue 108
Surrey, BC V3S6K2
(604) 530-9160

Four Digital Cameras Provide Continuous Alignment Measurements with No Moving Parts
http://www.hunter.com/pub/product/align ... /index.htm

Thanks you for understanding
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Postby immorality » Mon Jun 19, 2006 11:39 am

Please people, when discussing this service keep all names out of public forum regardless if it relates to alignments or other work. From now on they will can be called the "BCMR2 Alignment Service Shop" or something similar. Please keep this in mind or we may not be able to hold on to this privilege. Thanks,
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Postby camshaft » Mon Jun 19, 2006 12:10 pm

Thanks Russ

As this service has been pulled from other clubs that did not follow the edict.
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