Brembo Big Brake Kit

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Brembo Big Brake Kit

Postby Cameron » Thu Aug 21, 2014 6:13 pm

Custom Brembo Big Brake Kit for the 1990-95. SOLD

4x 4 Piston Brembo Calipers off a Porsche 993 Turbo
4x Supra Twin Turbo Rotors
4x Mounting Brackets
2x Ebrake Assemblies
4x SS Brake Lines
Set of Ebrake Cables that need to be replaced.

I am told these are from the 1994-1998 Porsche 993 Turbo. They have part number: 20.5248.00 on them and after googling that, they seem to be called the "Big Red" Brakes from the 94-98 993 Turbo. I can't tell for sure on the paint, but I suspect the guy that put this together painted them red and then added a Brembo decal to the front of them. Brembo is embossed on the back of the calipers as well, but I'm assuming he did this for show and it probably says "Porsche" underneath the paint/decal.
This ebay link shows the 94-98 Turbo Calipers and they look identical to the best of my knowledge:

Look to be Front Supra Twin Turbo Rotors used in the front and the rear. I measured them and compared them to the Rockauto dimensions.
Diameter: 323mm
Height(Offset?): 50mm
Thickness: 29.8mm
Hub Diameter: 61.9mm

Regular Porsche Pads fit, should be easy to run with. I have 2 sets of pads, you can have them both. Both have been used, but look to have only been used a few times.

This was an aftermarket set up as I believe the Porsche Ebrake is built into the hub. There is a bracket that holds the floating Ebrake. The one bracket was damaged, I have it being repaired at the moment by a family friend who welds on helicopters as a living. The only problem I for see with the ebrakes is the Driver side cable is snapped. It looks like they're generic cables that attach to the ebrake assembly and then run to the Ebrake joining part underneath the gas tank.

The previous owner told me the performance of the brakes was incredible and used his previous corvette as a comparison point. He was using a 4Runner Master Cylinder with these. That being said, when I bought the car, it had been crashed and wasn't able to be driven on the road. I was able to back the car off a trailer up my driveway and into the garage. Everything other than the ebrake seemed to be working fine, but by no means have I been able to push them to their limits to really comment on their performance.

I disassembled everything and pulled them off the car so everything should be an easy bolt on instal. If I was going to use them I would probably spend some time to clean them up a bit. They are used and not in brand new condition. I have been watching Ebay for a bit to watch the prices of the 993 Brakes and tried to price my set on what it would cost someone to buy used calipers and rotors online. Then I figured the brackets, ebrake etc was all just a bonus.





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