20V 4AGE Swap for 1986 MR2 Complete

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20V 4AGE Swap for 1986 MR2 Complete

Postby bikelust » Fri May 22, 2020 9:10 am

Purchased this swap out of a 1986 MR2 that had been T-bone in the side when it was parked outside previous owner's house in a hit and run. The engine bay was fine. Thought it was my chance to upgrade my '86 car but then I purchased a 1989 T-roof car and sold the '86. This upgrade was completed in 2009 and I pulled it in 2012 after I had seen it run. Great way to transform your MK1 with 165HP 20V engine and better gearing. Previous owner told me me was able to climb steep highway grades in 5th gear instead of downshifting to 3rd with and stock setup.

You'll never get an more reasonable opportunity for a mark one /AW11 MR2 engine swap and do it right without a bunch of cut corners and hacked wiring.

EVERYTHING that you need swap a 20V engine to your MR2 is included:

- 20V 4AGE Silvertop Engine on stand ($1000 value).
- Blacktop Engine ECU (more aggressive fuel map) ($150 value)
- C56 Transmission that came with the engine, already pre-drilled and fitted for the MR2 setup instead of FWD filled with Red Line ($400 value)
- Wiring Harness created by Dr. Tweak at http://www.phoenix-tuning.com that plugs into stock wiring harness on the car at the fuse box ($490 value)
- Colour matched flexible stainless steel radiator hoses and fittings to make coolant piping a breeze. ($120 value)
- Cone air filter ($50 value)
- New Spark Plug wires ($40 value)
- Stainless Steel 2-1/4" mandrel bent exhaust system using 2 Magnaflow mufflers and dual tips matched to the existing OEM exhaust hangers and the 20V header. $500 in parts alone
- Iridium Spark Plugs ($60 value)
- O2 sensor 4 wire compatible with the 20V, pre-drilled and fitted into exhaust pipe. ($120 value)
- Oil Pressure Sending Unit compatible with MR1 gauge versus idiot light for 20V ($48 value)
- Red Silicon Vacuum Hose Kit for 20V from http://www.Side2Sideracing.com ($65 value)
- New Starter OEM exhaust modified to accept starter on intake of exhaust side ($157 value)
- New Alternator and belt OEM ( $180)
- New Timing Belt ($30)
- 20V Compatible Coil and Ignitor, made to plug and play with wiring harness ($100 value)
- Fuel Line custom lengthened longer to reach 20V fuel rail ($67 value)
- Grounding Wires/ Straps ($20 value)
- Newer Motor Mounts (used) ($55 value)
- New clutch slave cylinder ($34 value)
- Breather Filter for PCV ($12 value)
- Brackets for holding the ECU behind the rear truck panel
- New thermostat ($12 value)
- New Speedometer Sensor Assembly to fit into C56 transmission and matched with MK1 speedo cable ($50 value)
- New Distributor Cap and Rotor ($34 value)
- Brass Shifter Cable Bushings to remove the slop from the feel of the shifter. ($25 value)
- New Fuel Filter ($40 value)



Not willing to separate right now... however if I get a solid offer for engine alone then maybe.

Reach me at minicanada@gmail.com and I will get you pictures.

The only parts missing from this Plug and Play Swap are:
- Throttle Cable (damaged in collision and not worth removing).
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